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13 Jun 2020

Brief highlights of a VR English lesson yesterday with Alex from Ukraine. We met in my virtual office then learnt how to improve speaking & listening skills.

13 Jun 2020

You're busy. You don't have much time. 20 minutes is all you need so join Michael your English teacher in the cinema to watch short videos to boost your English

13 Jun 2020

Two months ago, Michael of Gold Lotus in partnership with Educators in VR, did a 24 hour VR English lesson - here's a summary of how it went.

9 Jun 2020

As part of the work we do at Gold Lotus supporting schools, teachers and students integrate immersive technology into their education.

3 May 2020

In times of COVID "lockdown" how nice it is to convene my VR English language students under the glistening lights of the Aurora Borealis to learn English in VR