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18 Nov 2019

Join Michael, a TEFL-qualified English teacher from London tomorrow on the ENGAGE platform by Immersive VR Education where you can watch the week's top news.

18 Nov 2019

Earlier today we held a free English class in VR on AltspaceVR. Altspace is a social VR platform which allows you to meet people from all over the world remotel

17 Nov 2019

A few days ago Michael of Gold Lotus hosted the second Educators in VR vLanguage Learning event in AltspaceVR with special guest Giuseppe Fantigrossi, CEO of En

2 Nov 2019

SAVE THE DATE! Join me in ENGAGE on Saturday 23rd November to hear about the latest developments in the area of virtual reality language learning.

30 Oct 2019

What is the Global Engagement Fund and How Will it Support Us? Learn more about how this project will support our research into VR for English language learning

30 Oct 2019

Gold Lotus is collaborating with academic and commercial partners in Italy, the UK and the US to investigate ways VR can enhance learning English.

30 Oct 2019

We recently attended Didacta Florence to demonstrate our app to learn English in VR for schools.

19 Oct 2019

Speak English in virtual reality with the eighth of this series of short VR English lessons, join me