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Griko is spoken in the south-eastern part of Italy, in the Region of Puglia.  It has some resemblance to Standard Modern Greek.

It is believed that Griko's roots go as far back in history as the time of the ancient Greek colonies in Southern Italy and Sicily in the eighth century BC

The differences between Jejueo and standard Korean are significant, and most Koreans will only be able to recognise around 8% of the vocabulary, similar to the differences between German and Norwegian.

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Highly-focussed VR games to put your memory of vocabulary to the test! 

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With Microwave, you control the content you want to see in VR.

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Get insights into your development to help you better shape your learning path.

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Flying the Flag for Griko

Manuela Pellegrino holds a master’s degree and PhD in anthropology from University College of London, and she studied foreign languages and literature at the University of Salento.  She has also lectured part-time at Brunel University London. As part of her PhD, she conducted two years of ethnographic fieldwork in Italy and Greece in order to investigate the politics of revival of Griko. Her work highlights the interplay of language ideologies and policies promoted by the European Union, Italy, and Greece, while her research reflects a longstanding interest, as she comes originally from Zollino, Grecìa Salentina, Apulia.
By clicking on The Center for Hellenic Studies' logo to the left you can listen to Manuela's three poems in Griko, which have also been translated into Italian and English.  

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