About Us

The Core Team & Some Key Collaborators Along the Way

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After a combined 20 years of studying and teaching foreign languages, Michael set up the Gold Lotus consultancy to support students accelerate their language-learning potential and cultural awareness by using virtual reality.


Michael is working on a number of projects relating to English-language learning in VR, and collaborates with universities across Europe to research how immersive tasks can support the language learner or teacher.   2020 saw the launch of "VR for English and Future Skills" in an Italian secondary school where students learn about the opportunities of VR for language learning, while building their own VR experiences to promote to their peers abroad, as part of a virtual cultural exchange program. 

Matt Cool

Matt is a web generalist, focused on VR design and development with a particular focus on e-learning.  He is the technical expertise behind Lingospaces -an initiative he's working on alongside Michael to provide bespoke webXR learning spaces for language teachers to use, direct through their browser.   


Dr Andrea Revesz

Dr Revesz's is a professor at University College London's Institute of Education and her main research interests lie in the areas of second language acquisition (SLA) and second language instruction. In particular, she researches the roles of tasks, input, interaction and individual differences in instructed second language development.  Dr Revesz plays a leading role in the research project in collaboration with UCL, Gold Lotus and University of Salento (Italy) AVR Lab.  


VR offers us quicker, easier and cheaper ways of learning or teaching English in rich, meaningful contexts.

Our Mission

To promote the use of virtual reality "VR" as a way of improving the way people learn or teach English as a foreign language.

Our Vision

To be the most highly-regarded supplier of evidence-based, user-centred VR language-learning content in the world, providing access to first-class language education to anyone, anywhere.