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English, Spanish & more  coming soon. 
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Michael M.

British English from the UK 

Expertise:  Business English, Interview Training, Conversation Classes

Preferred Platforms:  ENGAGE, Mozilla Hubs, AltspaceVR

Michael has delivered hundreds of hours of live VR English lessons in the past few years and works on a number of projects with schools and universities in the field of immersive language learning.    

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Amany A.

American English  

Expertise:  Writing, Business English, Interview & Presentation skills, Reading, Grammar

Preferred Platforms:  ENGAGE, AltspaceVR, FrameVR, Mozilla Hubs

Amany Alkhayat is an adjunct ESL Instructor with 20 years of experience. She has a master degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from the American University in Cairo and a second MA in Instructional Technology from Columbia University, Teachers college. She’s currently pursuing her doctoral degree from the same university. She has been integrating technology in teaching English for more than 15 years and loves teaching poetry, storytelling, role play activities in VR. Being the CEO of Linguatech and having many years of experience as an entrepreneur, she has helped many students prepare for the Linguaskill Business test.   

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Erna Kucanin

Canadian English  

Expertise:  English for Academic Purposes, English for Specific Purposes (Business and Hospitality), English as a Second Language (Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening)

Preferred Platforms:  ENGAGE, AltspaceVR, iLRN Virtual Campus (Virbela) 

Erna is a sessional professor in the School of ESL at George Brown College, Toronto, and has been teaching international and domestic students (new-comers to Canada) in higher education preparatory programs (EAP, ESL, ESP) for over a decade.  Over the last two years, Erna has played a tremendous part in designing and creating online learning materials and adapting online language learning to virtual learning environments.  With a keen interest in learning technologies, Erna consciously adapts new learning approaches in VR to suit individual needs and enhance language specific skills.  Erna is currently completing her MA through the University of Toronto in Curriculum and Pedagogy with a collaborative specialization in Knowledge Media Design.   Her research interests focus on immersive VR learning/teaching environments and embodied cognition in the field of Second Language Acquisition.  

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Expertise:  All areas - reading, writing, speaking and listening development

Preferred Platforms:  Mozilla Hubs, AltspaceVR, FrameVR

I am from Bogota, Colombia. I studied Education. My professional achievements have been focused on teaching various subjects, such as Social Studies, Spanish, and Humanities. I have experience in educational research, pedagogical and educational counselling, skill development, workshops, and contributing author for several social studies texts. I studied education theories and practice to help prepare me for a career as an educator. Later, I had the chance to hone what I learned by spending real, challenging hours in a wide variety of classroom settings. I have taught everyone from kindergarten up to retirees, from small to large groups.  I know how to prepare a lesson and deliver it effectively.  I love to greet students every day with a smile and consider myself a strong listener and fast learner.  Also, spiritually I believe in the power of the individual. I make a point of communicating with my students that each one has inside of them the power to be successful.  I am lucky enough to have felt the power of positive energy both as a learner and as a teacher!  

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Ana Belen

Spanish from Spain 

Expertise:  Conversational Spanish, Writing Skills

Preferred Platforms:  ENGAGE, Mozilla Hubs, AltspaceVR

I am a student of languages. I have studied English all my life and other languages as French, German and Dutch. I am a writer, so I love language. I know the difficulties a person can have when they are faced with a new language. I have experience teaching in English and Spanish. Also, I have taught since 2016 to International native students who want to learn Spanish. I think every student needs a different approach and teaching must be a dialog between the student and the teacher. Learning a language is a complex process, and with my help, you will do it! 

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Yan Z.

Chinese Mandarin and English from China 

Expertise:  English as a Second/Foreign Language (Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening); Chinese as a Foreign Language. 

Preferred Platforms:  ENGAGE, Mozilla Hubs, AltspaceVR

Yan has over ten years of language teaching experience. She has a Bachelor degree of Education in Language Studies from Education University of Hong Kong and a Master degree in Applied Linguistics from King’s College London. She has DELTA qualification from Cambridge ESOL and she is also a Cambridge qualified teacher trainer in CELT-Secondary/Primary course.

Yan has taught from 1st graders to adult learners. She is also responsible for course coordination, curriculum development, assessment design and pre-service teacher supervision.


Her teaching style is experiential, interactive and supportive. She is good at customizing learning for each student's strengths, needs, skills, and interests. Yan really enjoys teaching and she is interested in language learning motivation and using new technology in language learning. 

Elegant Female


German from Germany 

Expertise:  Business German, Technical German, Conversation Classes, German as a Foreign/Second Language (Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening)

Preferred Platforms:  Spatial VR, Wander VR

I grew up in Hannover, where the best German is spoken ;-) and have taught German at universities and private institutions in Bochum and Hamburg (Germany), Katowice (Poland) and North Brabant (Netherlands). In addition, I have designed and taught my own German language courses and workshops and developed learning materials, both for groups and individual students and for young learners as well as adults. My background: MA in German literature, political science and social psychology. Additional course of study in German as a foreign language / German as a second language in adult education. I am able to draw on a wealth of experience gained from more than 25 years of professional work.


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