Join one of the upcoming Live VR English lessons with Michael, a TEFL-qualified native English speaker from London.  You'll have the chance to build your speaking, listening and also your reading and writing skills all within a virtual space.  Lessons are relaxed and engaging and use the full power of virtual worlds to provide you with a highly contextual, fully-tailored experience.

Lessons are delivered over a range of the leading platforms, such as rumii, AltspaceVR, ENGAGE and Mozilla Hubs.  Here's what a typical lesson looks like:

Learn English in VR alongside International Students:

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Very multicultural selection of students with the occasional appearance of native English speakers to support our lesson.


No downloads required - join directly through your browser in VR, on PC or smarpthone! Creative tools like pens & 3D objects help you learn better.


Highly realistic avatars, cool educational features like recording what you say & learning from your mistakes and wider selection of amazing VR locations!


Jump on a London Underground train or build your reading skills using the PDF function - it's all possible here, to build your English in virtual reality.


Gold Lotus Certificate of Attendance

Come to 20 lessons in any of the VR platforms and you can receive an official Gold Lotus Certificate of Attendance.  Your certificate will state your full name, the period that you attended classes and a comment about your involvement.  This can be used for job interviews or as part of your CV to demonstrate that you have dedicated your time to learning English in virtual reality   

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