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Build English Writing Skills in VR

When we talk about the benefits that VR can offer for language learning - English in our case, much of the focus is on speaking and listening skills. Because of the realism of many VR platforms, as soon as you login and meet someone, you immediately start talking. This is wonderful for language learners because you do not have anywhere to hide, and in some ways are "forced" (we like to say "nudged"!) to speak English. However it is important to remember that there are other areas of language which need to be developed such as writing and reading, both of which are more difficult to refine in VR collaboration platforms. However as we show here, making use of the whiteboard in ENGAGE can be a

Tour the World and Learn English in VR

One of the great things about virtual reality is its ability to transport you to many places around the world. You can start the class in London and then two minutes later, be standing in front of a beautiful lake in northern Italy. If you imagine a situation where you could physically travel to London, meet a native-English speaker when you step off the plane then walk around the streets with this person and let them help you learn English in context. One moment they are pointing to the traffic passing by you to teach you grammar like "the car is moving past us" and then you stop at a park and learn how to describe the colourful birds sitting in the trees. This would be wonderful if it di

Learn English in VR on the Titanic

VR offers wonderful ways to immerse yourself not only in engaging contexts to build reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, but with the immersive environments offered by ENGAGE for example, you can get a sense of what living in the past was like. In yesterday's VR English lesson with some students from South Korea, we first visited the Titanic museum to look at some important vocabulary relating to travel and tourism, then we literally jumped into the wheelhouse of the famous Titanic to see what the staff would have seen at the time before the unfortunate event resulted in its sinking after hitting and iceberg. In this photo you can see the students watching part of the famous 1997

No VR Headset? No problem!

Barrier: Student doesn't have a VR headset to learn English in virtual reality and doesn't have a powerful-enough PC to download the desktop version of a VR meeting platform. Solution: In my Zoom English lesson with this individual I opened up the ENGAGE VR platform version on my desktop, shared my screen and we took a tour of a Japanese garden and got up close and personal with a lion in Africa. I also was able to annotate various parts of the VR scenes with the Zoom pen feature. Where there's a will there's a way. Use the tools around you to continue to develop new ways of making content accessible to those who can't get to it. The ENGAGE platform is by Immersive VR Education and if you'd

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