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Didacta Florence 2019 Review

A few weeks ago we attended the Didacta 2019 edition in Florence, Italy.

We were given a space to exhibit our startup to demo our VR English-learning content and training services. The event took place at the wonderful Fortezza da Basso on three glorious days of autumn sun:

Gold Lotus Learn English in VR at Didacta Florence 2019

The event took place from Wednesday 9th - Friday 11th October and over those three days we met literally hundreds of teachers, school leaders and people involved with a whole range of educational projects. It was a great time to hear more about the work going on across Italy and the world from those at the very coal face of learning and teaching. It was also impressive to see how the event organisers involved local school children by getting them to act as guides and points of information throughout the event.

The opportunity was kindly given to us by social enterprise group Heroes to Heroes, and thanks to this we were able to show the power of virtual reality for English language learning using Oculus VR headsets Go and Quest. Teachers were able to try the Gold Lotus VR app available on the Oculus Go to see how it can be adapted to their curriculum, in addition to experimenting with the latest real-time VR environments called rumii, ENGAGE and AltspaceVR to see how immersive experiences can improve the way students build not only their foreign-language skills but their collaborative competencies too, which are so important for their future working lives.

Apart from the hugely positive reaction from everyone to this technology and the support we can provide to schools to responsibly and effectively integrate this EdTech within the existing educational provision, some important feedback was obtained in terms of what we can do to improve the content to make it even more suitable for different schools' needs.

The highlight of the last day was seeing some Catholic sisters from Milan try out the English-learning experiences!

If you are interested in learning more about how we at Gold Lotus can create unique English-learning VR content for your school or institution, and provide training on how to effectively and responsibly integrate this EdTech within your existing language-learning curriculum then get in touch here.

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