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Import 3D Models using Polycam into ENGAGE - Language Learning in VR

The festive season is here and what better place to reflect on the closing year than ENGAGE. ENGAGE is a virtual reality meeting platform where you can connect with people around the world in real time using your VR headset, desktop or mobile device.

In the video below I show one of the many spaces on offer on this platform, the holiday log cabin to give you a look at a 3D model of a mince pie I scanned using the Polycam app on a mobile device and then easily imported into ENGAGE as a .glb model.

The whole workflow is extremely easy and intuitive and gives you a highly realistic look at something that ordinarily would be a 3D photograph. All it took was 20 photos stitched together automatically by Polycam and that's that.

Context is hugely important when learning a foreign language, so why not get in touch with us here to learn English in VR using the power of 3D models and immersive environments!


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