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Learn Jejueo in VR

With our new app Popcorn, you can learn and practise Jejueo - a critically endangered language from the island of Jeju, just off the coast of South Korea.

Once widely spoken, Jejueo now faces the threat of being lost forever. But there's hope thanks to our VR language learning app Popcorn. We're utilising VR technology to bridge the gap and reignite the flame of Jejueo.

Our VR app goes beyond textbooks, offering an immersive experience unlike any other:

  • Travel Through Time in Jeju: Immerse yourself in virtual recreations of Jeju's past. Learn Jejueo vocabulary while standing in a bultoek - a traditional stone structure that the famous Haeyeo female divers use to prepare themselves and cook their catch.

  • Support the Revitalization Effort:  With every word you learn, you contribute to the preservation of Jejueo. Our app directly connects you with Jejueo language communities that have helped put the content together, fostering a sense of connection and cultural pride.

  • Decide on the content you see in VR: Learning is a personal experience to you. We provide a selection of Library Words for you to work with, but you can decide which topics / levels to practise.

  • Intelligent Algorithms: Popcorn learns as you learn. You will be presented more of your weaker words so you can practise those as you progress through our short games.

  • Performance Insights: Get some basic insights into how you are learning via our web app.

Are you a school/college/university/museum/library?

If you are any of the above and looking to use our app please get in touch here so that we can organise a demo and tailor it to your needs. We already have a student management system that allows you to create student profiles, groups and study plans - so get in touch today.

Popcorn isn't just about learning a language, it's about reviving a culture. By making Jejueo learning interactive and engaging, we empower a new generation to become custodians of this irreplaceable heritage.


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