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Learn English in VR on the Titanic

VR offers wonderful ways to immerse yourself not only in engaging contexts to build reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, but with the immersive environments offered by ENGAGE for example, you can get a sense of what living in the past was like.

In yesterday's VR English lesson with some students from South Korea, we first visited the Titanic museum to look at some important vocabulary relating to travel and tourism, then we literally jumped into the wheelhouse of the famous Titanic to see what the staff would have seen at the time before the unfortunate event resulted in its sinking after hitting and iceberg.

In this photo you can see the students watching part of the famous 1997 film starring Di Caprio and Winslett, where the ship struck the iceberg. This helped add more vocabulary to the subject we were talking about.

In this photo we see the office where the staff met to navigate the ship:

If you would like to join us in upcoming English lessons in virtual reality, then get in touch here.

If you work at or with a school, we can also show you how to integrate this technology (with or without the VR headsets!) into your language learning curriculum. Get in touch here.



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