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Gold Lotus VR English Lessons Featured on the VR in Education Podcast

The Founder of Gold Lotus and VR English Teacher Michael McDonald was featured for the second time this year on the Craig Frehlich VR in Education podcast!

After 8 months passing since his first appearance, Michael was invited back onto the show to discuss with Singapore-based podcaster, science teacher and VR enthusiast Craig about how one goes about planning and delivering VR English lessons.

It was a pleasure for Michael to have shared the latest work going on at Gold Lotus - such as the project with the Italian secondary school entitled "VR for English and Future Skills" which gets students hands on in not only "consuming" the wonderful array of VR content out there but creating their own immersive experiences too.

Michael also covered important tips on how best, in his opinion and experience, one can go about designing the right virtual spaces for teaching English in virtual reality to different age groups so as to avoid problems.

You can listen to the podcast below, and please do go and follow Craig's podcast and work on his twitter account here.


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