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World VR Day Review - VR Language Learning

A few days ago, on Saturday, Michael from Gold Lotus was invited along to give some talks throughout the 24 hours of events in virtual reality to share the latest news on how VR is supporting foreign language learning and teaching, in particular for people who want to learn English in VR.

This was part of World VR Day, an initiative setup by Bob Fine of three years ago and which continues to grow each year.

First up was a morning presentation in AltspaceVR, where Michael presented to around 40 attendees everything from the current landscape in foreign language learning to the latest research which will help us understand better how to apply immersive technology to the language-learning classroom. With a 1 hour slot, it was wonderful to be able to open up the floor to the attendees throughout and after the presentation, to get their input on how this new wave of technology can improve education.

Later on in the day was in ENGAGE, a real-time collaborative platform by Immersive VR Education. Again, around 20 attendees had the chance to convene in a virtual representation of one of Europe's oldest and biggest libraries: the Oxford Bodleian Library. This particular event was organised by long-time VR educator Steve Bambury of Digital Inception over in Dubai and the session wrapped up with us looking at how 3D "IFX" models can be used to help students build their linguistic abilities more.

The feedback from the talks was hugely positive and the day as a whole, with such a variety of speakers was another sign of how VR continues to break the mould.

Here are some of the snaps from the events.

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