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VR English Lesson with Norwegian School

Yesterday morning Michael of Gold Lotus met some Norwegian students and their teacher in virtual reality to introduce them to ways that immersive technology can suppport the foreign language learning and teaching process in a VR English lesson.

The platform of choice on this occasion was rumii, a real-time VR collaboration platform, and the same one which we are using for our research with universities in London and Italy, which you can read more about here.

In yesterday's meeting however we met the teacher and four of his students to help them with their English speaking skills. We looked at a selection of 3D models and watched some videos relating to the day's top news stories, which helped focus them on everyday English language and grammar that they could use in their study or travel.

Here are some photos of the experience, which they said was hugely positive!

Here's a quick highlight of the VR English lesson:

If you are interested in joining our VR Student Exchange Program to support the way your students learn English as a foreign or second language, then please get in touch with us here!

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