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Thanks to University College London's Global Engagement Fund, Gold Lotus with experts from both University College London's Institute of Education and the University of Salento in Italy, along with industry partners in Italy and the US, will be collaborating on a project to look at how task-based language teaching methodology ("TBLT") can be applied to the learning and teaching of English as a foreign language in virtual reality ("VR").   

The Project collaborators are:

Learn English in VR Collaborators.png

Dr Andrea Révész - Professor of Second Language Acquisition, Institute of Education, University College London.

Dr Révész researches the roles of tasks, input, interaction and individual differences in instructed second language development, on hand with expert support in ensuring that all the digital learning content we create follows research-based methodology.

The Augmented and Virtual Reality Laboratory (AVR Lab) - 


a research laboratory of the Dept. of Engineering for Innovation of the University of Salento, Italy. The research activities are mainly focused on Virtual and Augmented Reality in medicine and surgery, cultural heritage and education, and will be providing technical and research support in the project.

Learn English in VR Collaborators.png

Gold Lotus -

Michael McDonald, teacher of English as a foreign language from London based in Italy, will be the project lead.

With 5 years' experience using VR within language teaching, he will be bringing all the collaborators' expertise together to ensure goals are met.



To keep you updated on the latest progress of our project, we will publish blog articles.  Click on the article title below to be taken to the blog where you can learn more.

19th March 2021 - Castle VR Scene Completed

17th March 2021 - Progress Update - Things ARE progressing - Church VR Scene Completed!

15th October 2020 - Coronavirus and Research Update

30th October 2019 - What is the Global Engagement Fund and how will it support us?

30th October 2019 - Public Announcement of Project Launch

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