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Gold Lotus VR English Featured at Global Entrepreneurship Week

Thanks to the kind invitation of Miami-based entrepreneur and startup advisor Rita Das Mittal and her company InMarg, our Founder Michael and the work of Gold Lotus was featured on her webinar as part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week run by the Global Entrepreneur Network.

In the hour-long webinar, Michael covered the topic of how VR can support the way people learn English as a foreign language and build their skills for the future. Given that English is a global language, it would be wise to combine the learning of the English language with the development of the understanding of what an entrepreneurial mindset is.

If you are an educator and looking to incorporate VR English lessons into your curriculum then please get in touch with us now here to find out more about how we can create a unique learning plan for your educational institution to build your students' speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in virtual reality. We have programs which make use of the innovative webXR (browser-based) virtual reality experiences so that even those schools and students without the necessary hardware are still able to view and create their own amazing VR experiences to share with the world.


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