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Tour the World and Learn English in VR

One of the great things about virtual reality is its ability to transport you to many places around the world. You can start the class in London and then two minutes later, be standing in front of a beautiful lake in northern Italy.

If you imagine a situation where you could physically travel to London, meet a native-English speaker when you step off the plane then walk around the streets with this person and let them help you learn English in context. One moment they are pointing to the traffic passing by you to teach you grammar like "the car is moving past us" and then you stop at a park and learn how to describe the colourful birds sitting in the trees.

This would be wonderful if it didn't cost a significant amount of money and time, and it's unlikely that many people would even offer that service.

Luckily, thanks to the power of virtual reality you can do that within minutes. You don't even need a VR headset, as you can access many platforms on your desktop computer or laptop.

Take a look at some of the amazing places we travelled in our VR English lesson earlier today, including Barcelona, Venice and Lake Garda in Italy, and if you're interested in learning English with Michael, your TEFL-qualified English teacher from London, then get in touch via our page here:


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