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Educators in VR vLanguage Meetup in ENGAGE

Gold Lotus is proud to lead the vLanguages track of the Educators in VR community, a fast-growing network of students, educators, researchers and enthusiasts looking to push forward the way people learn or teach using virtual reality.

The Founder of Gold Lotus, Michael, runs the vLanguage track alongside the highly-qualified Ekaterina Semeniuk, a Russia-based English teacher. The vLanguage track is a place for you to learn more about how to apply VR to your foreign language learning or teaching, and we have a vibrant conversation going on over at the Discord channel which you can see here.

Every few months we run a meetup which is normally held in the social-VR platform AltspaceVR. This is an opportunity for the community to come together, along with new faces, to discuss the latest work going on in the field of immersive language learning. Previous events have included topics on memory palaces with the expert Dr Aaron Ralby of Linguisticator, the fun AI-language-learning app founder Giuseppe Fantigrossi of Play2Speak, and PhD student at Carnegie Mellon University Cassondra Eng who is doing some fascinating research in the area of readers' attention span for language learning.

This time round, we thought it necessary however to explore other VR collaboration and meeting platforms in an attempt to show more of the features on offer for those wanting to build their foreign language skills in VR. ENGAGE will be the next virtual venue for this meetup, to be held on Wednesday 16th December at 6pm UK time.

You can register for the event here.

We will take you on a tour of countries around the world, place you in the middle of an amphitheatre and even show you some tricks you can use to enhance the way languages are learned using the powerful set of features in ENGAGE. This will be an interactive session and there will be lots of opportunities to ask questions and learn from others. You can access this event via many VR headsets, or your desktop device.

Hope to see you there!


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