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Developing Descriptive English Vocabulary in VR

VR English learning offers safe, affordable and often private contexts for you to immerse your students in to build those all-important layers of experience to stimulate key vocabulary and grammar which will be needed to pass exams and cope with the rough and tumble of speaking a foreign language.

If you're looking to sit an English exam like the IELTS, First Certificate of English or similar, then you will definitely need to be familiar with talking about everyday topics such as hobbies, food and travel. Often students are poorly prepared for these exams, because they rely too much on vague memories or their little creativity to conjure up half-baked phrases about a holiday, without remembering that they need to demonstrate a wide range of grammar and vocabulary in the exam. The speaking exam is a typical time that this might happen.

Here I show how a relatively simple environment like this beach, on the ENGAGE platform by Immersive VR Education can provide opportunities for students to develop more descriptive language skills.

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