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Immersive Language Learning with Gold Lotus

Many people can't get access to a higher-end VR headset like an Oculus Quest, Oculus Go or HTC Vive to learn English in VR.

No problem!

With our 360 degree videos, you can take a step closer to the English-speaking world to build your vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and cultural awareness. All you need to do is open this video of a London pub in your YouTube app on your smartphone and you can either move your finger around on the screen to look around or you can move your smarpthone in your hand to "look" in full circle at the environment. However, for those of you with a Google Cardboard headset or similar, you can click the VR headset icon found on the bottom right part of the menu of the video in YouTube, and it will become stereoscopic, enabling you to insert it into the VR headset and immerse yourself in this London pub.

If you like this video please do like it, share it and also subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay updated with all the latest content to help you improve the way you learn or teach English as a foreign language.

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