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Learn English in VR on AltspaceVR

Earlier today we held a free English class in VR on AltspaceVR.

Altspace is a social VR platform which allows you to meet people from all over the world remotely. You embody a virtual avatar and can join events, watch videos together, play games and browse the web.

We see Altspace, along with other VR platforms like ENGAGE by Immersive VR Education and rumii by Doghead Simulations, as a wonderful place to bring together non native English speakers and give them the chance to build their conversation skills in engaging immersive environments, all the while supported by Michael - a native English speaker and qualified TEFL teacher from London.

In today's class we discussed some of the day's top news stories to practise everyday English vocabulary, pronunciation and reading comprehension skills.

For more English lessons in VR please check out our AltspaceVR channel link here and register your interest for our upcoming classes!

Learn English in VR with Gold Lotus

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