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No VR Headset? No problem!

Barrier: Student doesn't have a VR headset to learn English in virtual reality and doesn't have a powerful-enough PC to download the desktop version of a VR meeting platform.

Solution: In my Zoom English lesson with this individual I opened up the ENGAGE VR platform version on my desktop, shared my screen and we took a tour of a Japanese garden and got up close and personal with a lion in Africa. I also was able to annotate various parts of the VR scenes with the Zoom pen feature.

Where there's a will there's a way. Use the tools around you to continue to develop new ways of making content accessible to those who can't get to it.

The ENGAGE platform is by Immersive VR Education and if you'd like to meet on this platform either with or without a virtual reality headset like an Oculus Quest, Pico, HTC or other, then please let us know here and we can schedule a free test lesson.


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