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Build English Writing Skills in VR

When we talk about the benefits that VR can offer for language learning - English in our case, much of the focus is on speaking and listening skills. Because of the realism of many VR platforms, as soon as you login and meet someone, you immediately start talking. This is wonderful for language learners because you do not have anywhere to hide, and in some ways are "forced" (we like to say "nudged"!) to speak English.

However it is important to remember that there are other areas of language which need to be developed such as writing and reading, both of which are more difficult to refine in VR collaboration platforms.

However as we show here, making use of the whiteboard in ENGAGE can be a great way of focussing students' attention on keywords and grammar, before going out into other areas of the VR platform and putting that language to practice. Here is what can be done in ENGAGE with our VR English classes:

The same pen feature is also present on other platforms, such as rumii, where we also offer VR English classes:

Finally, here is an example of Mozilla Hubs, a browser-based ("webvr") platform available also through a smartphone device. It was on this platform that we helped this student improve his English skills by focussing on some important grammar and vocabulary in the context in which we were studying:

Don't be shy! Come and join us in one of our upcoming VR English lessons here. Also, if you are a teacher or work within education yourself, get in touch here to learn about how you can best integrate VR into your language curriculum.


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