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VR Language Learning Podcast Interview

This is the week of Canadian podcasts!

After the interview published the other day on Julie Smithson's XR for Learning Podcast, Michael of Gold Lotus joined Craig Frehlich on his VR in Education podcast.

Craig, a Canadian based in Singapore, is a Design teacher, MYP Workshop Leader and I.B. Curriculum Reviewer. He is also a VR evangelist, podcaster and VR consultant. Joining us on the podcast was Craig's colleague Stephen - an enthusiastic language learner himself, so it was a pleasure to be able to discuss how people can learn English in VR and work out what a highly-effective language-learning experience in virtual reality might look like.

We covered topics like how to build speaking, reading, listening and writing skills in VR, along with the social and collaborative element of language learning which is so fundamental. VR platforms like ENGAGE, rumii and Mozilla Hubs are examples of tools which can be used for language learning and teaching to accelerate the way people learn foreign languages and build those all-important communicative and metacognitive skills.

Here is the link to the podcast - hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed talking to Craig and Stephen.


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