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Learn English in VR from Cristiano Ronaldo

He has one of the most recognisable faces in the world so we thought we would do a live-streamed, virtual reality English lesson looking at the face of Cristiano Ronaldo - the world-famous Juventus player - looking at some of his physical features and vocabulary related to sports clothing.

Whether for daily life, work or exams like the Cambridge tests, there will be times when you'll need to correctly describe people's physical appearance. For this reason we chose CR7, found a 3D model of him on the Sketchfab website and took a few minutes to help you learn English in VR.

One of the important aspects of the way we work here at Gold Lotus is helping you break those barriers to learning. Many people do not yet have the chance to own a VR headset so this is why our TEFL-qualified, native-English-speaking teacher Michael was in VR but streamed this lesson direct to the Learn English in VR Facebook group for people to watch via their smartphones and computers - and even take questions during the class!

Check out the video here, and don't forget to join our group here, sign up for free VR English lessons and consider becoming a Patron for just 5 Euro per month here!

Here's the credit to the Sketchfab user whose 3D model of Ronaldo we used in the class.

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