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VR English Lessons - Live on Facebook Streaming!

In our last blog post we covered how one of the barriers to learning English is cost - that's why we provide free VR English lessons.

Another barrier to learning a foreign language like English in VR is of course - the technological hardware: the VR headsets! For that reason, we want to help those who can only access our content via 2D mode and that's why we started regular live streams direct from virtual reality onto our Facebook. You can join our group here. One of the other benefits of joining this group and our upcoming live VR English class streams is that you can also put your questions direct to the TEFL-qualified, native-English-speaking teacher during the lesson and he can help you with anything you need during the class.

Here's a short tour of the Milan Fiat Car Expo we did the other day, learning not only important vocabulary in this scene but also the art of how to approach describing photos - particularly important for those wanting to sit exams as this is often a feature of the speaking test.

Sign up to become a Patron (starting from just 5 Euro a month!) to get access to exclusive premium content and extra help for your English.

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