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Free VR English Lessons

A barrier for many people wanting to improve their English language skills is of course, cost. For this reason we at Gold Lotus want to make life a little easier on you and your wallet by offering a few opportunities each week to experience free VR English lessons.

Altspace is one of the platforms of choice since it can be accessed via a virtual reality headset but also through your desktop computer too, in 2D mode. This is the less immersive option but still gives you a chance to interact with and learn from a native-English-speaking, TEFL-qualified teacher from the UK in engaging lessons to build your English speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

Here's an example of a recent VR English lesson we did in Altspace where we learned about cultural heritage and then took a tour of an ancient Athens agora created by Lida Liberopoulou which provided a treasure trove of contextual vocabulary related to the class topic.

Once again it shows that providing the stimulus for students to immerse themselves in these otherwise unreachable places can be a wonderful catalyst for conversation, correction and ultimately - refinement of how they communicate in English language. Here's the link to Lida Liberopoulou's beautiful Altspace creation featured in this video.

Register for free VR English lessons here.

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