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VR English Lessons on Patreon

We are fully committed to providing you the best quality English-learning experience as possible and to ensure this, we have launched a Patreon page.

Patreon is a website which allows us to easily offer you updates on all the content we are creating and offering. By signing up to Patreon (for free), you are able to then select one of our paid options to get access to a wide range of benefits every single month.

Here are the different options which you can see in more detail on the page here:

Learn English in VR via Patreon

The free VR English lessons will continue across many platforms as normal - Altspace, rumii, ENGAGE and not forgetting our unique VR English school we built in Mozilla Hubs. What we are offering through Patreon is that next level of contact with a native English speaking, TEFL-qualified English teacher to build even deeper your reading, writing, listening and of course speaking skills.

Hope to see you join our growing community!


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