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Learn English in VR Video Club

You're busy. You don't have much time. 20 minutes is all you need so join Michael, your VR English teacher in the cinema to watch short videos to boost your English, learn some new words and build your speaking and listening confidence!

Learn English in VR

Videos shown in the ENGAGE cinema will be a mix of film trailers, new stories or clips from famous shows. Whatever it is, you can be sure that you'll walk away with a brain full of English and a belly full of popcorn (one of those is not true). You will have lots of speaking practice and will be corrected, to support you in building your English language skills.

This class is aimed primarily at non-native speakers of English. Can't make this time or day? Keep an eye on the ENGAGE calendar or send us a message here so we can tell you about upcoming classes!

Go to the ENGAGE calendar to register your interest for this event!

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