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Mozilla Hubs Teacher Training

As part of the work we do at Gold Lotus supporting schools, teachers and students integrate immersive technology into their teaching or learning of English as a foreign language, we deliver online training sessions to help them learn the basics of VR content creation.

Learn English in VR

One such example of this was our recent session with Marilina, a teacher based in southern Italy, who wanted support with Mozilla Hubs. Mozilla Hubs is an open-source project which allows people to easily create their own virtual reality spaces for remote collaboration, meaning you can meet anyone, anywhere in the world directly through your browser. The beauty of Mozilla Hubs is that no downloads are required, and it's available therefore directly through your smartphone or desktop device without the need for a VR headset like an Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, Pico or HTC (although the experience is more immersive with these).

VR English lessons

Not only this, but Mozilla offers the Spoke tool which allow you to create your own immersive content - and you can include videos, PDFs, spatial audio, 3D objects and much more.

Marilina got in touch with us because she was planning an end-of-year party for her young school students and wanted to wave them off with something special. We helped her get to grips with some of the basics around how to use Hubs and Spoke for her to create her scene, using a combination of Zoom and directly in Hubs itself to ensure a smooth workflow.

If you're interested in getting support on using this technology within your education, particularly if it is of a language-learning nature such as English in virtual reality, then get in touch via our contact page here.

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