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Learn English in VR in a City in AltspaceVR

People spend a lot of money going to English-speaking countries to learn English, yet spend most of their time cooped up in classrooms, fighting for the attention of the native-English-speaking teacher, when outside those very walls is a world waiting to be explored.

As you can see by this short clip from a VR English lesson last week I delivered in AltspaceVR, being guided around a city and absorbing some of the key vocabulary in such a rich and vibrant context completely changes the dynamic of the learning experience. People connect the words to real situations, and as you can see the ambient city sounds add to that realism.

This lesson was completely unplanned, but it shows you the potential of immersive technology and how simple things like fire hydrants can be a catalyst for everyday language. What a time to be alive!

Click here to schedule your place on one of our upcoming VR English Lessons!

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