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Build English Presentation & Writing Skills in VR in Mozilla Hubs

I've explored the concept of "educational graffiti" before, where VR pens can prove useful in focussing students' attention on keywords & corrections when learning English in VR.

This time I take that a step further with my student in Mozilla Hubs by getting him to select a 3D object from the Sketchfab library to enable him to present something to me in English.

Giving the student the reins to guide their own learning based on their interests I find really stimulates their desire to speak - an important aspect in a language lesson! Not only that but you can give the students the virtual pens to get them to recall the vocabulary they have used and again hone in on potential writing mistakes in creative ways.

Every day's a school day - even for us teachers.

If you are interested in learning English in virtual reality through your Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or any other headset then get in contact with us here or learn more about our VR English lessons on our page here.

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