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VR English Learning - Podcast Interview

This week is most certainly the week of the podcast! After being interviewed for Julie Smithson's XR for Learning podcast on Monday, followed by Craig Frehlich's VR in Education podcast on Wednesday, Friday saw Michael of Gold Lotus join Jeanne Allen of the US-based Center for Education Reform on her podcast "Reality Check".

Assuming the public health situation does not worsen, Michael will be one of the guest speakers at the upcoming US-Italian EdTech Conference being held in late April in Herculaneum (Ercolano) Italy.

In the run-up to this event, Jeanne Allen interviewed some of the innovators working in the Italian Educational Technology sector, of which Michael was one. We covered aspects about how an educator like Michael got into using tools like virtual reality for language learning, the importance of contextual education for students and more on the research project with University of Salento in Italy and University College London.

Michael's part begins from 50 minutes and the link to the podcast can be found here. We hope you enjoy!

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