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Norwegian School Learns English in Virtual Reality

If you ever wondered what the potential of VR for language learning and teaching is, then check out this video. It is of Michael, a TEFL-qualified native-English speaker teaching students in Norway the English language using a collaborative VR platform called rumii by Doghead Simulations.

The topic of the lesson was Brexit, and around 6 teenage Norwegians had the chance to interact in English about this topic by reading a BBC news article and then discussing some of the important vocabulary about this subject.

We then imported a HUGE 3D model of a £50 note from the UK to continue our conversation about money and then we finished our class off with a piece of watermelon which helped stimulate some important grammar - the conditional "if" sentences.

As you'll see, the engaging tools offered by immersive technology really helps to stimulate the conversation and learn a foreign language in context, which is so important. It is also not possible to bring in real watermelon into the classroom normally, so having the chance to use VR to do things whcih you aren't able to do in the physical world really shows us another great use-case for this technology in education.

If you are a teacher or student looking to use VR for language learning, get in contact with us now to get involved!

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