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VR Teacher Training for English Language

Yesterday Michael of Gold Lotus met some teachers from Norway in VR, on the real-time collaboration platform called rumii by Doghead Simulations.

It was an opportunity for those English teachers to get a deeper understanding of the potential of this immersive technology for the teaching and learning of English in virtual reality.

We covered all the features of rumii such as YouTube video streaming to improve listening skills, Google Poly 3D models to stimulate speaking in English as a foreign language, PDF document uploads in the virtual space for reading practise and the pen tool to help the students build their writing skills.

These are the four critical areas of English (or any foreign language!) that a student needs to develop, particularly if they are looking to study a Cambridge English exam like the IELTS to access work or study opportunities at home or abroad.

Michael was in Italy and the teachers in the meeting were in Norway, so it was wonderful to not only explore the range of learning tools in real time, but to look at more ways of engaging students (and teachers!) using exciting 3D models of London and a tube train, to stimulate conversation.

Here is a short clip of how the meeting went:

If you are interested in learning more about how virtual reality can be used to teach English as a foreign language, or any language for that matter, then please get in touch with us here at Gold Lotus. We would be happy to show you how to adapt this exciting new technology to your learning or teaching needs.

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