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English Lessons in VR on ENGAGE

Join Michael, a TEFL-qualified English teacher from London tomorrow on the ENGAGE platform by Immersive VR Education where you can watch the week's top news videos and build your English conversation skills.

ENGAGE is platform where you can meet people in virtual reality remotely. It allows you to use a wide range of tools like web browsers, videos, 3D models and more in order to interact in engaging ways with others.

Gold Lotus sees environments like ENGAGE therefore as huge opportunities to improve the way one learns or teaches English as a foreign language so would welcome any non-native English speakers along to its free language lesson tomorrow at 3pm UK time.

Within the ENGAGE app, available on Oculus Quest and other leading VR headsets, you can find the event in the calendar, or see more information here.

Hope to see you there!

Learn English in VR on ENGAGE

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