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Educators in VR - vLanguage Learning

Michael, founder of the Gold Lotus project, is also tasked with leading the rapidly-growing Educators in VR community's vLanguage Learning track to raise awareness about how VR can support language learning and teaching.

The Educators in VR community was setup last year by Daniel Dyboski-Bryant, based in Wales, and Lorelle VanFossen, out in the US. Since its inception last November, it has grown to around 500 members who interact over the Discord channel found here and in their regular meetups, mostly held on AltspaceVR - you can view their channel and upcoming events here.

As part of Michael's responsibility in that community, (almost) monthly meetups are held in AltspaceVR where special guests are invitied to speak about their work in the VR language-learning domain.

Our first meetup was held yesterday, where special guest Dr Aaron Ralby of Linguisticator came along to speak about how his VR memory app - Linguisticator - is supporting people in how they use memory palaces to learn a foreign language (or any other large amount of information for that matter).

The inaugural vLanguage Learning event was fantastic - around 40 people turned up and after a presentation from Dr Ralby, people had the chance to put their questions to him.

Here are a few snaps of the event:

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