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VR English Lessons and Content Review - Atlas Obscura!

Let Michael, a TEFL-qualied, native-English-speaking teacher from London help you get the most out of virtual reality content to learn English as a foreign language.

Despite these being relatively early days in consumer VR, there's a growing amount of VR experience which, although not specifically designed for language learning, can definitely be used to build greater awareness of important vocabulary and expressions in the English language.

In this video we look how you might be able to harness the power of audio commentaries to build listening skills and get students working together describing VR content. There are a number of parts of this app which covers the use of the past simple and past perfect tenses - so there's lots there for fans of English grammar!

The content shown today is called Atlas Obscura and can be downloaded here

Don't forget if you're interested in joining me, Michael, your VR English teacher to learn more about how you can best use content like this in the language learning process, or if you just need advice on learning English as a foreign language, then schedule a meeting with me in VR here.

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