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Learn English in VR with Art Plunge

Here's the first in a series of videos exploring the types of virtual reality content that TEFL teachers could use in their classrooms to not just engage their students more (assuming they need to be engaged more!) but to expose them to particular vocabulary and grammar in context.

This video is a quick look at the app "Art Plunge", available here:

Watch the video to step inside the Mona Lisa!

Great work to the guys that created this, Martin Eklund and Martin Christensen in Sweden. You can check them out here

Sorry for the number of times I said "errr". Will try to reduce that in next videos! Would really appreciate constructive criticism too, on how to improve these for your learning or teaching needs.

Finally, if you like what you see then please LIKE, COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE to the YouTube channel. Thanks!

See you soon!

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