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3 Minute English - Learn English in Virtual Reality

I'll get to the point. The people to whom I've been teaching English in VR absolutely love the ease with which they can put on their Oculus Go, HTC Vive or other leading VR headset and immediately immerse themselves in a virtual learning environment in real time, thanks to rumii's meeting room technology.

Not everyone has the possibility to learn English with a native English speaking teacher due to time, economic or logistical reasons. However, thanks to the latest developments in technology this barriers are beginning to be broken down.

In an attempt to show how easy and engaging a VR English lesson with us really can be, we've launched our "3 Minute English" initiative. We will publish a short video, captured from virtual reality, where your native English speaking teacher Michael will show you important ways to learn this language.

The first edition of this covers the present perfect continuous tense, in the context of a BBC news video about a man travelling across the world in an electric car.

Here's the video and don't forget if you like it then please like, comment and subscribe to our YouTube channel so that we know to provide you more of the things you really want!

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