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VR Language Lab at SELLALAB Lecce, Italy

Now you can learn English in virtual reality at our physical base - the SELLALAB coworking space in Lecce, southern Italy.

SELLALAB, part of the Italian SELLA Bank, is an ecosystem of start-ups, innovators and professionals.

Gold Lotus recognises the fundamental need to be continually engaged with non-native English speaking communities as a way to develop our educational technology in a more fit-for-purpose and engaging way. SELLALAB helps us achieve this.

The tide of technology is forever changing our lives and reshaping how we view the world around us. Being part of the SELLALAB reflects our commitment to investing not only in cutting-edge technology as a way of helping people learn English, but underlining the huge importance we place on the physical, human experience as part of learning and cultural exchange.

To blindly juggernaut along the rails of technology without embracing the key role humans can play in teaching, learning and collaborating would be detrimental not only to our own VR content creation, but to education and our collective potential as a whole. SELLALAB therefore is the ideal place to begin this fusion of the digital with physical within the local community. As a result, we will:

[+] Ensure that our English teachers and content creators have a physical base from which to showcase our continually-growing Learn English in VR application, welcoming and implementing feedback from the regular flow of visitors we will engage.

[+] Offer people the chance to try other, carefully selected, VR experiences as a way to improve their English language skills.

[+] Foster greater intercultural exchange, using English and virtual reality as the vehicles through which that can be achieved.

Stay tuned for more updates soon!

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