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Learn English in VR with Gold Lotus and RedboxVR

Gold Lotus is delighted to announce a partnership with RedboxVR, ensuring that the Gold Lotus Learn English in VR app is pre-loaded onto your VR headsets or smartphones - ready for your students to start learning English immediately!

Gold Lotus is one of the world’s first apps to learn English in VR, immersing English language learners in a range of real, typical situations around the English-speaking world to build language skills and confidence.

In order to view our VR content you will need some hardware. At least, you'll need a VR headset - it just depends whether this headset needs to have a smartphone included in it to view the VR learning tours or whether you have a standalone VR headset like an Oculus Go which does not require a smartphone. Either way, you will need some hardware to learn English in virtual reality!

We recognise, particularly for schools, that it's not always easy to ensure that all the students have the right hardware to view VR content, so that's why we have partnered with UK-based RedboxVR which has a range of immersive learning solutions, with bespoke charging units with integrated wifi systems containing all the hardware you need to focus on learning or teaching English as a foreign language. Our app will now come pre-loaded on their range of smartphones and VR headsets.

If you are interested to learn English in VR or use the Gold Lotus English learning VR app in your school, college or university then please get in touch with RedboxVR or contact us here.

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