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Learn English with VR & AI - Gold Lotus is Live!

Well it's a proud moment for us here, the Gold Lotus project has launched.

Our small but experienced team of English language teachers, VR experts and world-class academics in pedagogy and immersive technology are collaborating to help you rethink the way you learn or teach the English language.

It's time we accepted that current ways of learning and teaching English are outdated and in drastic need of improvement. From a learner's perspective, they need one-on-one time with a native speaker of English who is able to guide them through their learning whilst building their knowledge of, and ability to use, fundamental grammatical features. From a teacher's perspective however, devoting enough quality time to individual students during a 50 minute lesson is a huge challenge.

Learners, particularly those studying outside of a native English speaking country often only get a few hours of physical interaction with a native speaker of English in class , so the question is: are we making those hours count? Could we use the time more efficiently? From a teacher's perspective again, much of their time is not spent in nurturing the students' knowledge or soft skills but in imparting information. In turn, the testing of said information also is a turbulent topic considering the teacher is required to mark homework and tests in a way that is not only hugely time consuming but is possibly not being recorded in a way that gives a fine-grained overview of an individual student's development.

Aside from these day-to-day challenges facing both learners and teachers, there is another layer to this which relates to the inescapable tide of technological advancement.

Whether we like it or not, we are standing at the gates of unprecedented educational and societal change as a result of technology of the Fourth Industrial Revolution which fuses the phyical, digital and biological. Virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence are here and will radically transform our lives and it is for this reason that the Gold Lotus project exists. We want to make sure that English language learning content is centred around the needs of the teachers and the learners. We will strive to embed an evidence-based approach in everything we do, working with our academic partners and schools internationally to create content which end-users want and need, not what we say they need.

At the heart of everything we do is passion for education and sound pedagogical methods, blended with years of experience in innovative technology. First and foremost though it is, among the project collaborators, a desire to engage students and teachers at all stages to involve them on this journey, help them reach their respective goals and to be a leading, absolutely credible contributor to the educational technology sphere for the good of humanity.

More information following in late May here with updates on our latest VR and AI projects.


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