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Do you work in a school, college or other educational institution and want to engage your students with the latest technology?  Why not apply for the Gold Lotus Create Box which includes everything you need to easily create 360⁰ immersive and smartphone-based VR experiences of your school and local area.

How it works.

1.  We send your school a small box with everything you need to start creating your own 360⁰ immersive and VR content:  360⁰ camera, access to online & offline “how to” guides, microphone for audio recording & 3 VR headsets.

2.  Go out with the camera we provide and take some panoramic photographs of interesting places in your school or local area.

3.  When you get back to class, the Create Box we sent you converts into a mini recording booth.  Use the audio equipment we provide to record a short commentary about the images you shot – great for building students’ communication skills!

4.  Now you’ve created all the raw materials using the tools we’ve provided, you’re ready to access our learning platform to easily convert all of this content into interactive VR experiences!

5.  Once you and your students have created your VR experiences, they can be viewed on smartphones using VR headsets – of which we provide 3 in the Box.

Create innovative content to showcase your school to prospective students and their families.

Introduce your students to state of the art tech which will play an increasing role in their futures.

Easily integrate into your existing curriculum to build reading, writing and speaking skills while bringing them closer to their local cultural heritage.

Be part of a global intercultural project to help schools across the UK and the world learn more about your local area – created by students, for students!
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