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Jejueo is spoken on the Korean island of Jeju in addition to communities in Osaka, Japan, who descend from Jeju people who moved there over 60 years ago. 

Most fluent speakers on Jeju island are over 70 years old

The differences between Jejueo and standard Korean are significant, and most Koreans will only be able to recognise around 8% of the vocabulary, similar to the differences between German and Norwegian.


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Highly-focussed VR games to put your memory of vocabulary to the test! 

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With Microwave, you control the content you want to see in VR.

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Get insights into your development to help you better shape your learning path.

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Flying the Flag for Jejueo

Below are just some of the people, communities and institutions fighting to keep the language and culture of Jejueo alive.  
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Opera in Jeju provides opportunities for artists from Jeju, while contributing to the development of traditional Jeju music.

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Enter into Jejueo

Enter into Jejueo like never before.  Click "Connect" below and use your mouse, keyboard or fingers to navigate the space, seeing and hearing Jejueo words.  Then head over to Popcorn to test yourself on the words in VR and track your progress.

The Bultoek Experience

Bultoek is the stone enclosure that the female Haenyeo divers gather in on the island of Jeju.  The bultoek is a place for them to prepare for diving, cook their catch and bond with eachother.  The bultoek is symbolic of community, storytelling and the culture connected to the critically-endangered Jeju language.  

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