The lotus flower is revered across the world and for civilisations has been regarded as a symbol of life and enlightenment.


The gold lotus however stands out as unique as it is said that this world was born from a golden lotus.  The gold lotus therefore represents new worlds.  

It is for this reason that the gold lotus embodies everything that is offered through the Gold Lotus project.  As with the lotus flower, immersed in muddy waters, every student has their difficulties and obstacles in life which hold them back.  Every teacher is burdened with tasks and habits that stifle their true potential.  However through recognising that our limitations are in fact opportunities to become a better student or teacher, we can begin to reach new levels of knowledge and confidence within the English language.  By embracing cutting-edge technology we can develop individually and collectively, thereby reaching new heights in every area of life, driving towards a new world with deeper awareness and greater empathy as a result.  

The Gold Lotus project helps people rethink how they learn or teach English as a foreign language, by providing and creating digital tools fit for their needs.  

Michael McDonald

Qualified English as a Foreign Language teacher and speaker of two foreign languages, Michael spearheads the Gold Lotus project. 


With around 10 years of language teaching experience and a AI chat-bot writer and content builder for language learners by night, Michael believes that emerging technology such as Artificial Intelligence and VR/AR/MR hold the key to providing a highly tailored, truly engaging language education which empowers teachers to become even better. 

Anrick Bregman

An award winning cross-disciplinary New Realities Director, exploring immersive storytelling through VR, AR, film, games, and beyond. With a passion for human-centred stories, his work is research focused, and lies at the intersection of narrative and experiential technology to reach complex results that have a real-world impact.

Having collaborated with, and consulted for, the likes of Google, Microsoft, Nike, Sony, The Guardian, UNHCR, the V&A, and PBS, Anrick brings a wealth of experience to the Gold Lotus project.